The Overcomers

God's Vision for You to Thrive in an Age of Anxiety and Outrage

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You were made for this exact moment in human history

Things may look gloomy, and you may feel discouraged, but because of the promise and hope found in Scripture, you can be brave, confident, and victorious today!
In The Overcomers, Matt Chandler reminds readers that they don’t have to be anxious or afraid of anything in the present or in the future because both have already been won. We are not victims but overcomers—and we are a key part of what God is working out in our day. God is at work in the mess, just as He has always been, and He continues to accomplish His purpose of seeking and saving the lost.
In this book, believers will:
  • Find courage and confidence from fellow believers who have gone before us.
  • Feel empowered as God reminds them of His promises fulfilled and yet to come.
  • Understand the strategies, tactics, and deceptions Satan uses to try to keep us paralyzed with anxiety and fear.
  • Learn to live a victorious Christian life marked by the power and presence of God.
The apostle John wrote his letter to a certain group of people in a particular place at a specific time. Although it was written to them, it was also written for us. The Overcomers takes a chapter-by-chapter view of Revelation rather than a line-by-line deep dive, helping readers practically understand what God wants to say to us today through this extraordinary book written thousands of years ago. Believers will be reminded that they are uniquely wired and uniquely placed in this moment in history as part of God’s big plan to push back darkness and to establish light. Christ has overcome, and in Him we, too, are the overcomers!

The Overcomers Bible Study

Available June 11, 2024

For many, Revelation is a bit intimidating. It’s a big book with a lot of weird characters in it. And yet, for the last 2000 years, the book of Revelation has put courage into the spines of Christians. Revelation says that despite what we see and experience, Christ is on his throne and ruling on high, and we are able to live faithfully in the moment of time that God has placed us.  

 In The Overcomers Bible study, pastor Matt Chandler takes us on a high level look at the book of Revelation, reminding us that it is meant to be a book of encouragement by God, offering us stability in challenging times.  

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