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Location and Travel Information

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Financial Expectations

Promotional Material and Media Requests

Sound and Video

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Requests and Preferences

  • A private room at the event where Matt can make final preparations for his message.
  • A clock visible from where Matt will be speaking (either showing the time or preferably a countdown) to help him stay within the time constraints.
  • Food preferences: generally healthy, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free as much as possible. Some examples of foods that are good would be lean meats, vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, etc.
  • A music stand/podium to the side for Matt to keep his notes and Bible while speaking.
  • A bottle of water on the music stand/podium when Matt speaks.
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Please be mindful of the energy that preaching, lecturing, and consulting demand. The following are some guidelines that would be helpful during Matt’s time at your event.
  • We ask that you consider the pacing of his time around the event and allow for breaks from talking and meeting to preserve his voice and energy.
  • Please allow a buffer of two hours before any large event, with nothing scheduled to allow for time to eat, rest, and prepare.
  • We ask that you not add any additional meetings, training, consultations, or other events in addition to what is in this form unless first approved by Matt’s team.
  • We ask that you send us a detailed, hour by hour, itinerary including speaking times, soundcheck, interviews, dinners, and anything that Matt is required to be a part of for this trip at least 60 days prior so we can approve it.
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