To Those That Overcome

Join Pastor Matt Chandler in Gospel-centered discussions on faith and resilience on this long journey home.

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You were made for this exact moment in human history. Things may look gloomy, and you may feel discouraged, but because of the promise and hope found in Scripture, you can be brave, confident, and victorious today!


In a world that expects instant gratification and constant highs...

My goal is to help you interpret life’s challenges as a normal part of our journey in a fallen world. Suffering can be normal, yet Jesus remains steadfastly good. While some might paint a picture where ‘all your dreams come true’, I believe there’s a vibrancy and joy on the other side of suffering.

Sanctification isn't always 'up and to the right'.

Sometimes, it’s two steps forward and a fall off a cliff, yet the grace of God catches you. This is our moment. 

We’re built to overcome, to find joy not tied to our circumstances but rooted in our relationship with Jesus. Dive deeper into this journey and discover why in our longing, we’re pulled forward.

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